APIv4 Community FetchArchive

Community Edition

The Handset Detection Community Edition is a free, stand alone device detection service which you can run locally, on your own servers. This is archive fully compatible with our existing Ultimate plans and contains the following fields general_vendor, general_model, general_platform, general_platform_version, general_browser, general_browser_version, general_app, general_app_version, display_x, display_y, benchmark_min, benchmark_max.

No authentication is required to download.

The archive is best fetched via an API Kit which will download, and unpack the device definitions and the high performance detection trees. If you're curious and wish to download it yourself see the API end point below

API Endpoint


Request - cUrl

curl -s -u "api-username:api-secret" --digest -H 'Host: api.handsetdetection.com' -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://api.handsetdetection.com/apiv4/community/fetcharchive.json

Request - PHP

$hd = new HandsetDetection\HD4('hdconfig', true);
$result = $hd->communityFetchArchive();


Replies with a ZIP archive, around 31Mb in size. The API Kit unzips the archive into the directory defined in the api kit config file. The archive contains specs for over 50,000 devices (in json format) and the matching trees (also json) ready to use in detections.

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