API Versions

Our API is presently at v4. Its a small API with a few endpoints. Documentation for previous API versions can be found at http://www.handsetdetection.com/resources (shortly to be included here).  We revise our API when we offer major functionality updates or introduce breaking changes into our detection system.

API v1 2008 - 2010

  • Basic device detection
  • API Key based Authentication

API v2 2009 - Still supported

  • Device and Tablet detection
  • X-WSSE Authentication (Token in HTTP Headers)

API v3 2012 - Still supported

  • Device & Tablet detection
  • Custom detection for mobile platforms (operating systems) and mobile browsers
  • HTTP Auth Digest authentication (modified for performance)
  • Introduced Ultimate detection (our stand alone detection product)

API v4 2015 - Still supported

  • Detection for the internet of everything - computers, handsets, tablets, sensors, bots, TVs & more
  • Custom detection for all platforms (all operating systems), all browsers and mobile apps
  • Multiple detection methods 
  • Detection via HTTP headers for web apps
  • Detection via native build information for native apps

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