Device Schema

If you're wondering what information we keep about devices then see our APIv4 device schema below. We keep these fields

Field Type Description
general_vendor String Vendor name eg Nokia, Apple
general_model String Model Name eg iPhone, N95
general_platform String Platform or OS, if known, eg Symbian, Android
general_platform_version String Platform version, eg 7.1 or 4.2.3
general_platform_version_max String The maximum advertised OS version for a device that has reached End Of Life. For example the iPhone 3G has a maximum iOS version of 4.2.1
general_browser String The detected browser eg Mobile Safari, Andriod Webkit, Android Chrome
general_browser_version String Browser version, eg 7.1, 28 or R3
general_image String An Image for the handset images available in 80×80 and 160×160
general_aliases Array of Strings Aliases for this handset with vendor and model name eg [‘Motorola Droid’,’Motorola Milestone’]
general_eusar String EU SAR rating taken at the head
general_battery Array of Strings An array of Battery type and battery model number
general_type String Mobile, Tablet, Console, TV, SetTopBox, Bot, Watch etc..
general_virtual Boolean True if this a virtual device.
general_cpu Array of Strings Architecture type and speed if available
general_app String If an application is detected then this is its name eg Facebook
general_app_version String The app's version eg 7.2
general_app_category String The apps category, eg messaging, social, reader etc..
general_language String An ISO international language code eg 'da' or 'en-gb'
general_language_full String The full name for a language eg. English (Australian)
design_formfactor String Device Shape eg Bar, Clamshell,
design_dimensions String Dimensions in millimeters
design_weight String Device weight in grams
design_antenna String Antenna (Internal/External)
design_keyboard String Keyboard Type
design_softkeys String Number of Softkeys
design_sidekeys Array of Strings List of side keys
display_type String Display Technology
display_color String Is it Color ? Yes / No
display_colors String Number of Colors, eg 65536, 16M
display_size String Display Size – Diagonal in Inches
display_x String Display width in pixels
display_y String Display height in pixels
display_ppi Number Number of pixels per inch (or DPI in the old parlance) eg 162
display_pixel_ratio String The ratio between physical pixels and logical pixels. eg 2.0, 1.0, 1.33, 1.5 etc...
display_other Array of Strings Anything else interesting eg Capacitive Touch
memory_internal Array of Strings Device Memory
memory_slot Array of Strings Device Memory Slot, type and max size
network Array of Strings Cellular Network, Wifi and any other comms
media_camera Array of Strings Main Camera Information
media_secondcamera Array of Strings Secondary Camera Information
media_videocapture Array of Strings Video Capture format & features
media_videoplayback Array of Strings Video playback formats
media_audio Array of Strings Audio playback formats
media_other Array of Strings Any other interesting media features
features Array of Strings Any other interesting general features
connectors Array of Strings External Connectors
benchmark_min Number A minimum benchmark for this device
benchmark_max Number A maximum benchmark for this device
In JSON it looks like this :
  "general_vendor": "Nokia",
  "general_model": "N95",
  "general_platform": "Symbian",
  "general_platform_version": "9.2",
  "general_browser": "",
  "general_browser_version": "",
  "general_image": "nokian95-1403496370-0.gif",
  "general_aliases": [],
  "general_eusar": "0.50",
  "general_battery": ["Li-Ion 950 mAh", "BL-5F"],
  "general_type": "Mobile",
  "general_cpu": ["Dual ARM 11", "332MHz"],
  "design_formfactor": "Dual Slide",
  "design_dimensions": "99 x 53 x 21",
  "design_weight": "120",
  "design_antenna": "Internal",
  "design_keyboard": "Numeric",
  "design_softkeys": "2",
  "design_sidekeys": ["Volume", "Camera"],
  "display_type": "TFT",
  "display_color": "Yes",
  "display_colors": "16M",
  "display_size": "2.6\"",
  "display_x": "240",
  "display_y": "320",
  "display_other": [],
  "memory_internal": ["160MB", "64MB RAM", "256MB ROM"],
  "memory_slot": ["microSD", "8GB", "128MB"],
  "network": ["GSM850", "GSM900", "GSM1800", "GSM1900", "UMTS2100", "HSDPA2100", "Infrared", "Bluetooth 2.0", "802.11b", "802.11g", "GPRS Class 10", "EDGE Class 32"],
  "media_camera": ["5MP", "2592x1944"],
  "media_secondcamera": ["QVGA"],
  "media_videocapture": ["VGA@30fps"],
  "media_videoplayback": ["MPEG4", "H.263", "H.264", "3GPP", "RealVideo 8", "RealVideo 9", "RealVideo 10"],
  "media_audio": ["MP3", "AAC", "AAC+", "eAAC+", "WMA"],
  "media_other": ["Auto focus", "Video stabilizer", "Video calling", "Carl Zeiss optics", "LED Flash"],
  "features": ["Unlimited entries", "Multiple numbers per contact", "Picture ID", "Ring ID", "Calendar", "Alarm", "To-Do", "Document viewer", "Calculator", "Notes", "UPnP", "Computer sync", "VoIP", "Music ringtones (MP3)", "Vibration", "Phone profiles", "Speakerphone", "Accelerometer", "Voice dialing", "Voice commands", "Voice recording", "Push-to-Talk", "SMS", "MMS", "Email", "Instant Messaging", "Stereo FM radio", "Visual radio", "Dual slide design", "Organizer", "Word viewer", "Excel viewer", "PowerPoint viewer", "PDF viewer", "Predictive text input", "Push to talk", "Voice memo", "Games"],
  "connectors": ["USB", "MiniUSB", "3.5mm Audio", "TV Out"],
  "general_platform_version_max": "",
  "general_app": "",
  "general_app_version": "",
  "general_language": "",
  "display_ppi": 154,
  "display_pixel_ratio": "1.0",
  "benchmark_min": 0,
  "benchmark_max": 0,
  "general_app_category": "",
  "general_virtual": 0

You can also see tens of thousands of device definitions over at the Handset Detection Device Database page.

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