Getting Started with Ultimate Detection

Ultimate Detection is our stand alone detection product. It includes everything you need to run local high performance device, platform (operating system), browser and app detections locally on your own servers. 

The system is composed of two main components, 1) an API Kit and 2) a ZIP archive containing all the files needed to detect things (devices, platforms, browsers, applications and their detection trees). The archive has over 50,000 files, one for each thing.

The archive can be fetched via the dashboard and installed manually or fetched via an API kit, which fetches, unpacks and installs everything ready for use. Both options require you to configure your API Kit before the files can be used, however using an API Kit to download and install the files is much much easier.

See the 'Configuring API kits' section for more information.

Manual installation can be a little tricky. Here's a few pro tips to get you through the dark night. The API kit will look for a directory called hd40store in the directory specified in your API kit config file. So, if you specify /tmp as the target directory then unzip the archive to /tmp/hd40store. Ensure the files and directory have appropriate permissions for read access by your web server or any other accounts using the API kit.

Pro Tip : Use an the API Kit method fetchArchive to download and install the Ultimate Full Edition or Ultimate Community Edition.

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