How to change your email address

Your email address is used to identify you to our service and to receive system notices (usage alerts, billing notices etc..). Follow these simple steps to change your email address.

Step 1) Log in to Handset Detection

- “click" on your User Menu and select Change Settings.


Step 2) Change your email address on the settings page.


Step 3) Click submit at the bottom of the settings page.


Note : In API v1.0 (pre July 2010) your account email address was also used as an API identifier. In these cases changing your email address will almost certainly have an impact on API access. You can check this by examining your API kit config file .. if it has your username is a list of letters and numbers (not an email address) then you're good to go. If your API kit username is your email address then contact us and we'll help you work around the issue.

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