Express Detection for App Store redirects

Here's how to redirect visitors to the right app store for their device operating system.

1) Login and 'Add a new Site'.

2) Configure your new site with

- A site name : It can be anything, preferably something descriptive.

- A website URL, this can be your domain, or landing page if its for a campaign

- Ensure 'Smart Redirection' is set appropriately.

3) Add redirection rules - one for each app store redirect. Lets say we want to redirect Android devices to our Google Play store page, and iOS devices to a Apple App Store page. Here is how we would set that up.


4) Click save.

5) Grab the Express code snippet and paste the code into your campaign landing page (not the app store pages).


6) Job done - You're now redirecting visitors on mobile devices to their appropriate app store pages. :-)

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