How to get 24 x 7 support for Enterprise, Jumbo and Jumbo2 customers.

Customers with Enterprise, Jumbo or Jumbo2 accounts have 24 x 7 support. So, in times of emergency, we're here to help. The following steps outline how to enter tickets so our on call tech staff get notified.

1) Enter your ticket here at the help desk directly :

2) You can enter an anonymous request or you can login to the help desk however to receive urgent assistance your domain must match the domain of your primary account holder. For example, if has an account with 24x7 support then tickets from or will also get 24x7 support.

Note : If your account email address is from a free mail service like gmail or hotmail then we can't do domain matching. In these cases, to get 24x7 support, you must login and enter tickets using the same email address that your Handset Detection account uses. If you have additional email domains please let us know (via the support system or email so we can associate these with your support profile.

3) Please include your contact phone number with the country and area code in the description.

4) Select 'Urgent' as the ticket priority. Tickets not marked urgent are dealt with on the current or next business day, only urgent tickets page our technical staff and get 24x7 support.


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