PHP API Kit v3 - Setup

NOTE : The PHP API Kit requires the php-apc (or php-apcu in PHP 5.5 and greater) module to be installed.

This guide takes you through installing v3 of our PHP API Kit on your server. The API kit comes with test/example scripts which can confirm a successful install and provide some examples on how to use the API calls.

Step 1) Signup to Handset Detection and create a website profile.
- From your dashboard scroll down to 'Manage Sites' and click 'Add Site'.
- Once you've added a site click 'Site Settings' (in Actions, the cogs icon) to get the Site Settings page.
- From the Settings page, select the 'Cloud' tab and copy the details. (see the image below).

Step 2) Download the API Kit from our PHP API Kit GitHub repo ( )
- Configure the API Kit with your details from step 1.

Step 3) Test it !
- Run the devices.php script.
- Run the sites.php script (Note: The basic detections should work, the API Kit methods which download our
device database to your servers will only complete if you have purchased an Ultimate Detection license).

Job Done :-)


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    Ron Otter

    Getting a lot of Class not founds using the examples.php file. There's no requires or includes in any of the files.

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