How to disable/enable usage quota alerts

Quota Alerts help you keep track of account usage. When you create an account with us alerts are enabled by default with a notification when you reach 90% of your allocated usage per month.

To change these settings or disable alerts entierly please follow the steps below.

Step 1) Log in to Handset Detection 

- “click” on your User Menu and select Change Settings 

Step 2) From the account settings page, scroll down to the lower part of the page and you’ll see a Quota Alerts section.

- Tick the Email Alerts Enabled box to enable quote alerts, or untick the box to disable quota alerts. You can also change the alerting threshold to a different percentage (eg 75%) to change when we email the alert notices.

Note : When quota alerts are enabled you'll also get an email alert when you go over your quota.

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